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Research Facilitator, Samvit-Steinbeis SIBE Centre for Management & Research Excellence, Pune

Prachi Nawathe

Ms. Prachi Nawathe

(Cinical Psycologists)

Ms. Prachi Nawathe specializes in child development and parenting aspects of work-life interface. She is a clinical psychologist with a high interest of applying counseling and therapy in business settings. Ms. Nawathe has gained international experience by working on multiple management projects on the topics of leadership in helping professions at the LMU Center for Leadership and People Management Munich, Germany, business leadership education, and management education at the Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship (SIBE), Germany. She is currently working at SIBE Germany as a Project coordinator for international management education programs.

Ms. Nawathe has independently delivered interactive lectures and conducted numerous trainings-workshops on the topics of work-life management, parenting, child development, and parent-teacher collaborations. She further enhanced her counseling skills through her work as an educational psychologist in Goa. She was associated with quite a few schools and institutes in Goa and contributed by conducting projects for skill development of Goan school children. She competently designed workshops on children’s mental health including issues like study skills, emotional and psychological challenges faced by children and parents.

Ms. Nawathe’s expertise lies in psychological testing and counseling that follows the testing at an advanced level. At the Samvit-Steinbeis SIBE Center for Excellence Pune she works as research facilitator, conducts and co-ordinates various research activities. Along with that she provides tailor-made trainings, conducts suitable workshops on the topics of work-life management, parenting, child development, teachers’ training, professional development and psychological testing and counseling.