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Executive Education is offered for the working professionals from Construction/Infra, Manufacturing, and IT industry.


Faq's - Executive Education Programme

  • What is the Samvit’s Executive Education teaching approach?

    Samvits Executive teaching approach is interactive classroom learning + Practical’s onsite especially for the technical training.
    The training is delivered by the Industry experts.

  • How many participants are in a program?

    The number of participants for junior and middle level is in the range of 25-30.
    For senior level it is less that the above range.

  • Who attends the programs?

    The target audience differs from program to program. For each program it is mentioned specifically. Project Managers, Site Engineers, HR Professionals, Site Supervisors or office staff have been attending the same.

  • What will I receive upon completion of my program?

    You will receive a certificate of completion /participation from Samvit School of Infrastructure Business Pune.

  • Who is eligible for acceptance to Executive Education programs?

    Any person who is working in the Infra/Construction/Manufacturing / IT industry at any level is eligible to apply. Based on the experience level the relevant programs are offered or can be opted out by the participant. if the program is customised for company the participants are nominated by the HR.

  • How do I apply for Executive Education Programme?

    We have two kinds of offerings:
    1. The open enrolment programs which are announced on the website or the mailers are sent , The applicants have to fill up the online application form for respective programme.
    2. The customised programmes are designed based on the exact requirement of the company where the group of participants are nominated by the company.

  • About the location of the training program

    If it is open enrolment program it is conducted on Samvit campus at Shivajinagar For customised programs for company it is conducted on company’s site /corporate office.

  • How will I know that my application was received?

    Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt by email after submitting an application. Please email or call 020 – 65602229.

  • Do I have to submit payment for the program along with my application?

    No. An admissions committee will review your application first to determine eligibility. Payment is due upon notification of admission.

  • Do you offer discounts for your programs?

    Samvit offers group discounts when about 4-5 people are nominated from the company for the same program.

  • What if my schedule changes and I need to cancel and seek refund of fees? Are there cancellation fees?

    We understand that senior executives occasionally have changes in plans or schedules that will result in their not being able to attend the program as planned. Each of our programs offers a cancellation & refund policy; you may enrol for the next batch if not the current one, or cancel the application. Refund policy as per institute rules are applicable. please check the individual program’s cancellation/refund policy for details.