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Dr. Arun Mudbidri is a Former Director of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM). He holds a Doctorate in Management science, graduate degree in Law and Masters in Human Resource. He has worked for more than 30 year with Symbiosis,pune out of which for more than 10 year he was the Director of SIBM.


Founder and Principal Director


Dear Aspirant,
At the outset my best wishes to all the final year engineering graduates appearing for their final year examinations in May/June 2017.

I am sure along with your studies you are also thinking about what to do next? It’s a critical question and requires a lot of introspection, awareness and understanding about one’s own abilities and capabilities, In addition to your aspirations and expectations.

Hope you will give enough time to find an answer to this question in the days to come. I however welcome you to the PGPIB course. You can certainly consider pursuing PGPIB as one of the option after completing your graduation.

Those who are considering taking up a job, I would like to recommend to them (subject to family support) to invest two more years in PG Education and thus make their foundation strong in terms of knowledge, skill and capabilities before taking the plunge in active work life. Today employer has started looking for Technical/Business skills and not only for qualification and hence PG is the right path to pursue for next 2 years.


  • Combined focus on applied Construction Technics and Business practices will:
  • Make you job ready.
  • Build your technical skills through practical’s /onsite training.
  • Help you to enhance your Techno/ Managerial skills like Communication, IT, English Language etc.
  • Give opportunity to take live project while completing the course.
  • Enhance your Business Skills.
  • Build your career on a sound platform created by the Institute
  • PG helps you to build your capabilities required for managerial careers. Please remember it is competence which takes you to the top, merely acquiring a qualification will not help you in your career. Some of the important abilities are namely mastery on IT tools like Excel, MSP etc. Communication, Handling teams, Confidence, Positive attitude & Business and Management knowledge.
  • Having excellent knowledge base and a positive attitude can equip you for a successful managerial career. I would like to compliment you all for choosing the PGPIB course and look forward to meet you on campus.


Dr. Arun Mudbidri

Founder and Principal Director

Best Wishes,

Dr. Arun Mudbidri
Founder and Principal Director

I have come across this line while reading a book and I felt that many young graduates who do not plan their careers end up doing any job for which they are not suited.

"Life is too short for wrong jobs"

"Do not run after jobs - If you want to be really happy and satisfied in life, build yourself first."